Prendergast said the deal ensured that players received a fair share of the revenue for their significant contribution to the sport, both on and off the pitch. Mr Greenberg and Mr Prendergast said the professionalism of the players, clubs and the NRL reflects the fact that the agreement was reached on time and without industrial unrest. „The players deserve these raises and, as I`ve said many times, they will be paid more than ever under the next CBA deal.“ According to the collective agreement, any changes to the terms and conditions of employment must be discussed with the RLPA, although Chief Clint Newton AAP has stated that they are open to conversation. There is a force majeure clause in the collective agreement between the NRL and the RLPA that requires the parties to renegotiate the terms if revenues decrease by $10 million in one contract year. It`s certainly triggered when matches are canceled and players are out of their pockets. Rugby League players should expect a pay cut as part of their collective agreement if matches are cancelled. Credit:Getty „For the first time, our players are receiving a 29.5 percent share of expected gaming revenue as well as a share of outperformance revenue,“ Greenberg said. That is, the more the game works, the more players receive. „And the players will participate in every financial performance at the same time and on the same basis as the base and the clubs – a true partnership to move the game forward.“ Ian Prendergast, CEO of RLPA, said the deal was a great result for the players. „It`s a great deal for the whole Rugby League game,“ Prendergast said.

„For the first time in the history of the sport, the interests of players, the NR, clubs and the United States will come together – an incentive for all parties to work together to advance this great game.“ Players` contributions to the game`s record revenues were recorded as part of the CBA, with player benefits directly linked to the NR`s overall success in the future. Rugby League Player`s Association Ian Prendergast told Triple M NRL that the NRL has effectively broken the game`s collective agreement (CBA). The collective agreement is an agreement between the NRL and the RLPA that sets out the minimum conditions of employment for players and other important agreements in rugby league sport. The CBA includes a number of important issues that govern the relationship between all parties involved and that balance the interests of all major interest groups in the best interests of the game and its players. „There was a lot of speculation about player payments and salaries,“ Newton said in the video. What is the collective agreement (or KNA)? „In other words, the more the game gets by, the more players receive. The topic has fans for years, but arLC president Peter V`landys believes it`s time to eradicate players who break NRL contracts to chase away a bigger paycheck….