SECCI stands for Standard European Consumer Credit Information. SECCI information allows you to compare our product with others. The SECCI contains information on the main features of the equipment plan credit agreement, the type of credit you put to how much, the duration of your equipment plan and your repayments. You have a credit agreement because you pay for your devices for more than 24 months by a loan from us. If you don`t want a credit agreement, you can buy devices directly. Yes. O2 Refresh separates phone and airtime in a whole new way. To do this, we sell telephones on credit and are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. For information on your consumer rights, you can consult your local citizens` advice office (CAB), your consumer advice service, your municipal trade standard or your consumer protection service free of charge. You will find your contact details in the local telephone directory or ask at your town hall or communal offices. At O2, we always strive to make things go as smoothly as possible for our customers.

If you have a problem, you can find the fastest way to get the answers you need online – check out our „Support“ section. . Simple ways to send important emails directly to your phone. Plan ahead by checking your bill at any time of the day or night. . Save everything in Bluebook. Our service teams are in the best position to help and should be the first to contact you. You can contact them via web chat, phone or letter. . Because sometimes you just have to tell someone what it is. Keep it up.

It is up to us to do that. . Our rates are as individual as our customers. Find one that meets your needs…. Our experienced mobile guides and honest reviews show you the way forward. We hope to be able to resolve all the issues by then. However, if you are not satisfied after speaking to one of our managers or would like to file a formal complaint, ask them how to contact our complaint investigation department or click here. . Easy access to your emails and contacts from the road. .