FIDIC Main Contracts in the form of a downloadable pdf file cost €195/ Contract All FIDIC contracts and related publications are valid for one year and can be printed 10 times by a user. Just go and log in to your account. If you don`t have an account yet, click „Create a New Account.“ If you`ve forgotten your current password, click „Forgotten Password.“ Most FIDIC books are available in pdf or iPad format. Some older publications may not be available electronically. Electronic contracts are more expensive because each item can be printed 10 times a year. Simply log in to of your account and select Windows/Linux or Mac in the DOWNLOAD section. If you want files to be shared by multiple users, you should consider purchasing a watermark version of the document or a collection. The entire COLLECTION of FIDIC publications can be find here. Yes, you can buy FIDIC contracts on behalf of your company. Simply fill out the company identification and VAT data in the online order form at the checkout. The objective of the 2013 Sustainability Project (PSL) on board book is to accompany a property or group of designated buildings, infrastructure and physical facilities in a portion of the urban environment (e.g. B an urban neighbourhood or an urban block) or perform a specific urban function (for example. B public transport or water supply).

The logbook, which contains a series of tables, provides a method of defining and tracking sustainable development issues and objectives for a given project or program. To use the logbook, you`ll find The Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) 2013 TOOLBOX. Watermark Contracts and Agreements Collection (English only) electronic version – Electronic contracts are more expensive, because each item can be printed 10 times for a year. The collection of the latest chords can be found in print or electronic format. FIDIC downloadable PDF files are designed for individual users and cannot be transferred to another device. Fidic is not supported in case of abuse. The use of FIDIC contracts for a project and/or on behalf of a client is only licensed. The 2011 FIDIC PROCUREMENT PROCUREMENT GUIDE 1st Edition is available in print and electronic versions. The user is asked to install the FileOpen plugin to open the encrypted terms and conditions. 10.

You will receive an email notification offer in the next few days. . . . . Contractual terms for Build and Turnkey design (1st Edition, 1995). Part 1: Terms and Conditions; Part 2: Instructions for the preparation of special application conditions. . . . Standard pre-qualification form for contractors (3rd edition, 2008), including instructions and standard forms.