Officials from both institutions recently met to develop plans to implement specific program articulation agreements. The GHC is not only interested in sending students to the JSU to obtain bachelor`s degrees, but also in helping students graduate more quickly with the JSU Faster Master program. Home > General > GPTC has entered into a virtual transfer agreement signed with Georgia Highlands College Georgia Highlands College (GHC) and the University of Western Georgia (UWG) have signed articulation agreements to help students in leisure management or GHC sports management trails continue their training. If the partnership were to be concluded, Georgia Highlands would be the first non-state institution to enter into a transfer agreement with the JSU. The university currently has agreements with 9 Alabama community colleges, with more in the works. The GHC and JSU agreed to meet in January 2020 to continue the formalization of the plans. Georgia Highlands College is a member of the University of Georgia. Founded in 1970 as Floyd Junior College, the company now employs more than 6,000 students in northwestern Georgia and northeastern Alabama at its five sites in Rome, Cartersville, Marietta, Dallas and Douglasville. GHC currently offers more than 30 fields of study with an associate degree and bachelor`s degree in the classroom and online. Learn more about

CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON THE FACTS OF THE COURSE WORK WANTS to TRANSFER TO THE TRANSCRIPTS GHC ARE EVALUATED IN the order in which they are received and are usually completed within 2-3 weeks. After closing, the credits awarded can be viewed in the online advice script by connecting you to the score with While GHC students have a large number of courses that they can take in both ways, the agreement allowed GHC to identify the courses required to obtain a bachelor`s degree at UWG. Boyce said this will help advise students and prevent them from taking unnecessary courses. „This articulation agreement allows GHC graduates to obtain an unwavering transfer to a bachelor`s degree in sports management at UWG,“ said Michelle Boyce, Director of Health Sciences. Basic General Agreement: The TCSG-USG agreement defines 28 general education courses that are entrusted to SACSCOC accredited institutions. A articulation agreement is a formal agreement to transfer credits from one educational institution or system to another. LTC graduates can use several local and national articulation agreements to minimize repeated coursework and allow for a smooth transfer of earned credits to a four-year college or university.

Learn more about our new partnership and the signing of virtual agreements will be. „These articulation agreements are extremely beneficial for transfer students because they prevent students from using additional courses and from having to spend extra time and money,“ said Dr. Pugliese. Georgia Piedmont Technical College Students who deserve an associate degree in applied science through our Interdisciplinary Studies Health Track now have the opportunity to complete a bachelor`s degree in health sciences at Georgia Highlands College (GHC).