This directive does not undermine the autonomy of social partners and should not affect relations between social partners, including the right to negotiate and conclude collective agreements in accordance with national laws and practices, while respecting existing EU legislation. 2. With regard to remuneration, Member States may, after consultation with the social partners, provide for exemption from the principle set out in paragraph 1 if temporary workers on indeterminate contracts with a temporary employment agency continue to be paid between contracts. The general rule here is that temporary workers have the right to be treated like all permanent employees. It is probably illegal to choose a temporary worker for dismissal simply because he or she is employed on a temporary basis. This is not possible if it can be objectively justified, for example. B if employees are employed for a specific task and that task is now complete. It may also be justified to choose on the basis of time of service, provided that the same criteria apply equally to all permanent employees in the redundancy pool. „Rocket Lawyer is a useful tool for professionals who need affordable legal documents.“ 2. Member States can provide that, under the conditions they have established, temporary workers apply themselves to the calculation of the threshold at which the posts provided for by Community law and national collective laws and agreements must be established in the consumer enterprise, as if they were workers directly employed by the user company for the same period. 4. To the extent that an adequate level of protection is provided for temporary workers, Member States in which there is no legal system for the general application of collective agreements or, in law or in practice, cannot extend their provisions to all similar enterprises in a given sector or geographical area, after consultation with social partners at national level and on the basis of an agreement they have reached. to establish basic working and employment rules that depart from the principle set out in paragraph 1.

These rules may include a period of equal treatment rights. 1. Temporary workers count under the conditions set by Member States for the calculation of the threshold at which posts under EU and national law and collective agreements must be set up within the temporary employment agency. The provisions of this directive on restrictions or prohibitions on temporary work do not affect national laws or practices that prohibit the replacement of striking workers with temporary workers.